Qwerty I type or swype to write or I just want to dictate


Strangely enough it’s quite easy to swype and write on the Android device but I don’t know if it will be easy to do it in different languages. Let me try: … Nope, only in English.

I wonder if support for other languages will come soon, but the mental model of writing nowadays is connected to typing or more recently tapping on a keyboard (with QWERTY layout in this case).

(Stopped swyping here…)

…Because my thoughts are running faster then I can write with swype. Speed of thoughts in writers’ head is probably unmatchable by any typing speed with any method mentioned above. Swyping is not a new concept, it was introduced with first PDAs (remember those?) while ago.

Historically, the mental model shifted from stone or wood carving to pen to typewriter to keyboard to soft keyboard to…

“So now I’m going to try to talk to the do oats and there is 2 2 what are you reading no” – what I wanted to say is “So now I’m going to try to talk to the device and this is what are you reading now”. It turned out inputting my thoughts with voice to the device was fastest and most human experience, if only this thing can understand my funny accent properly. But my hopes are in machine learning and improvements in voice recognition.

When you look at it, we are now far more advanced in the voice space then just year ago. I think QWERTY will stick around for a while, but voice is going to be heard more and more.